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Tarifa is the most southern city on the european mainland exactly at the juncture of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Due to its strong winds the city is considered as one of the world’s capital of wind and kite surf. Accordingly, the international surf scene determines the townscape. A touch of “Goa” mixed with the flair of calofornia beach atmosphere blows through the streets.

The old town centre is surrounded by historic fortifications which were built during the period of the muslims. Inside these walls the winding streets with bars and stores invite you to ramble and shopping.

The beaches of Tarifa are the most beautiful throughout the Costa de la Luz. The 10 km of coast of Tarifa is divided into two parts which offer virgin nature and a lot of space. The Playa Chica, a small bay on the harbour and the beautiful Playa de los Lances.

Country Spain
Languages spokenspanish
CurrencyEuro (€)
Area (km2)419 km2

Sports & nature

Tarifa is the ideal place for your active holidays. The sport and leisure program is diverse and the scenic conditions are nearly perfect.

Here are suggestions on how you can make your holidays more attractive:


Tarifa is a Dorado for Wind and Kite Surf. Here you can find the best climate conditions throughout the year.

Accordingly you find everything that a surfer's heart desires: shops for material and equipment, rental stations for surfboards and lots of schools which offer you the appropiate training courses.

Under the following links you will find more information about surfing:


Fishing, Diving, Kayaking

But there are other water sport activities as well. First of all Diving. Tarifa provides excellent conditions for free water diving. Off the coast you will find many attractive diving spots where fascinating coral reefs and shipwrecks can be explored.

The best schools and facilitators can be found here:


Fishing in the sea by a rocky cliff or directly on the beach has its special charm and is hardly comparable with softwater fishing.

There are lots of specialized shops in Tarifa and its surroundings for appropriate equipment:


For those who don't want to follow the surfing mainstream trend, there exists the possibilty to hire a kayak to paddle along the beach.

Horseback riding, Biking, Hiking

The andalusian thoroughbred horse comes from exquisite traditional breeding and is considered to be obedient and easy to ride. In Tarifa and surroundings, horse riding on the beach or through the pine and eucalyptus forests in the backcountry are very popular.

There are several hotels in Tarifa which offer horse riding tours for everyone. The prices for vary from €20 per hour and €60 - €90 per day.

See here for further information:


For those who wants to err on the side of caution, can make the same tours by bike or hiking.

Bicycles to rent are here:



Generally, Tarifa has a wide-ranging activities offer. If you'd like to try something new, you should not miss a paragliding flight or a free-climbing trip to the "Sierras" in the backcountry.

For further information see here:


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The nightlife in Tarifa begins usually in the old town in a cosy tapas bar or in a pizzeria.

One of the most popular amusements are the live concerts, mainly in the beach bars. Listen to original flamenco up to rock music by a moderate warm breeze at the beach is a unique experience.

Clubbing starts mostly in the city center in one of the busy night clubs. Popular meeting places are the Almedina and the Bar 10. Afterwards you can have the first cocktail at the Tacoway in the Cervantes street.

The night proceeds in the discotheques. Mombassa and Ruina where the best house music is offered in a relaxed atmosphere.

There are also some discotheques in the outskirts which are still open after dawn, as the Café del Mar and Danzzu

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Culture and History

Tarifa is also a cultural highlight at Costa de la Luz. As in many other cities along the coast so Tarifa has passed through the influence of different cultures over the centuries.

The visit of the castle Guzmán el Bueno is recommended. A fortress built in arabic Múdejar style which should protect the inhabitants from assaults by their adversaries. From one of the watchtowers you can enjoy the incredible views on the Strait of Gibraltar and the nearby Moroccan coast.

Around the oldtown of Tarifa there are the very well preserved fortress walls with observation platforms which offer awesome views as well.

Other historic sites are the Castillo de Santa Catalina and the protection towers around the historic center.

In addition, Tarifa has a wide range of cultural life. We highly recommend the visit of the flea markets, known as "mercadillos" and the typical local concerts in many bars and "chiringuitos".

Other sights of cultural interest you can find in the nearby Bolonia.

The most important sight in Bolonia are the ruins of Baelo Claudia, built under Roman rule at the end of 2nd century B.C.

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Whale Watching and Sightseeing in Tarifa

Whale Watching and Sightseeing in Tarifa

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