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Reservation and Payment

Reservation and Booking

Reservation and booking of a tour at

When have found a tour that suits your taste and you decide to book it, you can do that directly. The “book now” button will appear by selecting a date or a date range on the availability calendar under the tab “Availability” of the tour page.

Once done this, a booking form appears, which you have to fill out. After that, submit the booking form. Upon receipt your booking request, you will receive a booking confirmation. As from that moment, the tour is pre-reserved for you.

Most of our tours will be paid on the spot.

Of course, the booking procedure can be done by email or phone. In this case, all methods of payment will be applied in the same way.


You can find the payment aspects for our services in the detailed offer descriptions for each tour offer.

Most of our tours are usually paid on the spot. Unless, intermediate consumption is to be provided for the tour. In this case a deposit of at least 30% of the total price must be made. The exact amount will be given to you when booking a tour.

Please, also read our terms and conditions.

Evaluate your tour

To help us to improve our services continuously, we would like to ask you to evaluate your experience with the tour.

Look again for the tour on our webpage and click on “Leave a Review”. You have the possibility to rate your tour for various categories and can briefly describe what most you liked or disliked.